Sh*t happens

“Sh*t happens” as they say and when you’re on the road to success you’ll realise that it’s not stopping it that is your biggest challenge it’s learning to deal with it that is key. As a high achiever striving for, even more, you already understand how important it is to maintain optimum performance and excellence or […]

Back to Face to Face Networking

Right now, it has never been more important to build, strengthen bring mutual benefit to our network. Right now, it has never been more important to identify the low hanging fruit, make the sales we can, and strengthen our business for the future. In twenty minutes Stefan will tell you how to join up your […]

Be more effective at Networking

Why do you network?  I will be sharing some key steps, skills and stories to develop your networking experience in this talk.  You will also be involved in the experience as I will be asking the audience to participate in a couple of segments to open up the conversation and you never know you may even discover an opportunity […]

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B sales via social media. Therefore, it is vital that your profile showcases you and your business effectively. First impressions are important. Your LinkedIn should be as polished as your company website. During this session you will learn how to optimise your profile so you can be found by […]