SmartPA are the leading experts on outsourcing, PAs, business support & administration services. We offer our clients the most efficient, cost-effective ways to handle their business tasks and admin support. Our accredited SmartPAs are of the highest standard and are matched with companies across all sectors. Our community spans the globe, with over 250 SmartPAs, 14 countries, 15 languages and 5000+ clients and our passion for supporting business growth has not changed since SmartPA was founded in 2008. 

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, starting from just 30 minutes of usage a day. There are no sign-up fees, overheads or staff costs to pay and absolutely no hidden costs, so your money can be spent exactly where it’s needed. Time is precious, so our SmartPAs can start as soon as you need them to – even on the same day; no need to waste time on recruiting or inducting. 

Our SmartPAs are part of a global community and support each other, so all holiday, maternity and sickness cover are taken care of without any hassle. A free onboarding session is also included which not only educates your SmartPA on what systems and processes you use but gives you a chance to explain your vision, mission, how you like to work and what you want your business to achieve. This way, your PA can adapt their support to precisely what you need.